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Teks Pidato Korupsi Bahasa Inggris 1

Teks Pidato Korupsi Bahasa Inggris 1

Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

Ladies and gentlemen, first I want to introduce myself.......

Teks Pidato Korupsi
Now I want to tell you some real condition of Indonesia.

Indonesia has a large area from Sabang until Merauke with a lot of natural resources. Indonesia has a lot of human resources too, who have good intelligence but they can’t get a work or we can say it as jobless. This kind of problem like jobless, can causes of very low employment, and this can be effect of corruption.

Now I want to tell indonesia’s corruption problem.

Now, Indonesia is the most corrupted country in Asia. I don’t know why it’s happen??? I think if Indonesia people are discipline and always obey the rule, corruption will not happen now in Indonesia. But based on our history from colonial era, we was colonized by Holland, and Holland have an organization called VOC. And that organization is corrupt the government money, so the conclusion based on our history, corruption can be our culture. But that based on our history of  VOC.

Ladies and gentlemen, In Indonesia maybe the corruption was start from the simple activity to the complicated ones. For the example from the simple activity is someone who need help, but he/she gives dome money to make it easier than before. And for the complicated are, who don’t know about century case??? Everyone was know about it, because this case involved vice president of Indonesia and minister of finance. And who don’t know about Gayus Tambunan???

Yes, he is a worker of tax office with not too much salary but he can bought several expensive houses. The question is How Gayus Tambunan Bought Several Expensive Houses With Not Too Much Sallary??? The answers is corruption maybe at our mind, right???

But it can be right, why does the worker of tax office with minimum salary can bought several expensive house??? OK, now the corruptor make our country lose out, because of them!!! We have a lot of natural resources, but where’s the results of this natural resources???

The result of this resources maybe can take by the corruptors.

So, Indonesia government make an organization called in bahasa KPK or Corruption Eradication Commission. KPK have a vision to free Indonesia from corruption. So. The function of KPK is to eliminate corruption in Indonesia, especially in government circle. Because at government circle corruption is happen, so to eliminate this treats, Indonesia government built KPK.

Ladies and Gentlemen, now Indonesia has broken because of corruption, so as the Indonesia people we must do something to make Indonesia move again. For example:
  1. Make the corruptor won’t to do corruption again, in china corruptor have a death punishment, so the corruptor won’t to be corrupt again.
  2. “WE” as the next generation must study lot of religion, to make our faith, and god fearing is strong from bad habits
  3. “WE” must be honest people

Ladies and gentlemen, besides the government try to stop corruption with KPK, we must stop corruption from ourselves with an excellent religion. An excellent religion will make us as honest people. And Honest is the key to eliminate corruption, so if you want Indonesia clean from corruption you must be a honest people.

Thanks for your attention and Wassalamu'alaikum wr wb.

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